Travel Snacks Made Easy: Here’s What To Pack For Your Next Trip

Travel Snacks Made Easy: Here’s What To Pack For Your Next Trip

Travel Snacks Made Easy: Here’s What To Pack For Your Next Trip

Whenever we travel, things don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like them to. Let us know if you’ve ever found yourself in the following scenario.

Your flight was delayed for another hour, and the chances of you getting back home in time for dinner is slim to none. You had lunch before you came to the airport, but that was hours ago and your stomach is making it clear that you’re very, very hungry. After checking out the prices at the airport cafes, you and your wallet both wish that you had packed some snacks in your carry-on…

Travel is often seen as a kind of spiritual food, providing us with new experiences and insights. But the actual food we need (like healthy snacks to fight plane delays!) is too often neglected in the hectic rush of packing our clothes, scrambling to the airport, and waiting to take off.

You’ve been there, you’ve done that, and you’ve hated it! So what travel food is the best match for you? Is it really possible to find something that is both nutritious and delicious? Which are suitable for the whole family, especially the kids? And finally, what’s the best way to pack your snacks so they don’t spill in your luggage and ruin all your clothes?

We’ll answer the most urgent questions you have so you can be fully prepared for your next traveling and snacking experience! 


1. Snack Healthy, Snack Smart

We get it. When you’re hungry and away from home, we almost always choose quick, easy, and unhealthy options to hold us over. Chips, chocolate bars, and pre-packaged supermarket sandwiches with tons of mayo have all ended up in our hands at one point of another, because these foods will easily do when you haven’t eaten in a few hours. Anything more may seem like too much effort, but the truth is that on-the-go snacking doesn’t need to be so tough or full of guilt. 

Here’s a simple solution: Golden Nest Jerky Bars! They’re high-protein, gluten-free snack bars that are made from quality meat and natural ingredients. One bar means 14 grams of protein and tons of energy at a time when choosing food that fuels your body is extra important. Just think about it—you’re literally bringing yourself to another place hundreds of miles away, are awake at the weirdest times, and are eating your three square meals on a different schedule than what your body is accustomed to. Don’t even get us started on jet-lag.

Because of all of these physical changes, your body is craving healthy nutrients and vitamins that will replenish, re-energize and revitalize. Like we said, one Golden Nest Jerky Bar contains 14 grams of protein. That’ll give you enough of an energy boost to make it to the airport, the plane, or your hotel! 

2. Choose Snacks That Are Flavorful and Nutritious

Sick of nuts and fruit that go bad or make a mess on the plane? Maybe you’re just tired of eating the same thing over and over again. If you’re looking for a snack that is super tasty but much less messy, then our Golden Nest Jerky Bars are a great alternative. 

Each one is individually wrapped and vacuum-sealed, which means that it’s always plane ready. But the best part is that our jerky bars have been made with variety in mind. They’re available in chicken, pork, and beef, and each meat comes with two flavors—Honey Sriracha and Honey Teriyaki. You’ll also never be short of energy with these bars, as each one is packed with 14 grams of protein.  

But to reap the full benefits of any jerky, be sure to do your homework. Not all jerky is created equal! We recommend Golden Nest Jerky Bars and Golden Nest Jerky Bites  because not only are they made with 100% real meat—including pork, beef, and chicken— but they’re made in the USA, are 100% USDA certified and are hormone-free. Not to mention conveniently packaged. All you have to do is unwrap your jerky bar and it’s ready to eat!  


3.Consider The Packaging  

Traveling also means that you have to be economical with your space. No one is bringing a whole rotisserie chicken on a plane, no matter how much protein it has. Perfect travel food should be conveniently packaged, and contain all the nutrients and vitamins you need while being small and portable. And whether your flight is 2 hours or 18 hours with a layover, your travel snack should be able to go the distance with you and last the whole trip. Luckily, Golden Nest Jerky Bites check all the boxes.

Golden Nest Jerky Bites come in individual, vacuum-sealed portions. This is very convenient for any traveler, as there will be no worry about spillage. Each bite is protein-packed and Golden Nest Jerky Bites are available in chicken, beef and pork for variety. And more importantly, their vacuum packaging preserves the rich, juicy and fresh flavor of the jerky bites. So if you throw a bag or two of Golden Nest Jerky Bites into your luggage, they’ll taste just as good on the day you come back as they did on the day you left! 


4. Suitable for All Ages and Lifestyles

Dealing with the responsibility of choosing travel snacks for you and your family is no easy task. You may struggle when considering everyone’s preferences while also taking into account all of the factors listed in this post. It can quickly become overwhelming.

But no need to fear, Golden Nest Jerky Bites are here to save the day (and the vacation) as a versatile travel snack. Not only do they come in three kinds of meat (pork, beef, and chicken) and two flavors (Honey Sriracha and Honey Teriyaki), but also there are Seasoned Jerky Bites available, which include Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero, and Bourbon BBQ.

If you grab a few of these, everyone will have something to choose from. The variety of flavors make Golden Nest Jerky Bites a very suitable snack for families, where everyone is battling for the benefit of their own taste buds.

Every traveler, whether going solo or bringing along the whole family, can find great comfort in having a bite of naturally juicy, genuinely flavorful jerky. Golden Nest Jerky Bars and Golden Nest Jerky Bites are not just something to fill your stomach with while traveling. They are a real natural treat guaranteed to make you feel energized and excited about your trip. After all, isn’t that what’s most important? Memorable travels, tasty healthy foods, and genuine experiences. 

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