Small But Mighty: The Best High-Protein Workout Snacks

Small But Mighty: The Best High-Protein Workout Snacks

Small But Mighty: The Best High-Protein Workout Snacks 


From cardio to weightlifting to everything in between, everyone needs energy before starting their gym workout—and sometimes afterwards, too! 

There are tons of options on the market, from artificially flavored protein powder to sugary sports drinks that promise to give you the push you need to crush your workout. But chances are that as a regular gym goer, you’re super conscious of what you put into your body. And more importantly, you understand how eating the right food can get you the results you’re looking for with your body, while affecting mood and energy levels, too. If you’re looking for a healthier and more natural alternative that is just as (if not more!) effective than traditional workout food, then look no further!

Golden Nest Jerky Bars and Golden Nest Jerky Bites are the perfect replacements for the popular protein sports bars and colorful drinks that are advertised as gym fuel, but really may be doing more harm than good for your body. And with all the hard work you put into exercising, you want to hit all those fitness goals and certainly don’t want to sabotage any of your progress. 

Here are three reasons why Golden Next Jerky Bars and Golden Nest Jerky Bites are the best workout snack—and why you should start eating them. 

  • They’re Full of Nutrients 
  • All Golden Nest Jerky Bars are a unique blend of traditional recipes and all-natural ingredients. They’re grilled to perfection to deliver nutritious and delicious high-protein snacks. How much protein? 14 grams in every bar!

    How is it that a single bar could have so much protein? It’s because each bar is made from 100% real meat and are 100% USDA-certified. All Golden Nest products use quality meat to create our jerky, which come in three versatile choices of chicken, beef, and pork. If you’re looking to build muscle, protein is essential in your diet. These bars will give you all the protein you need to fuel your body and get the results you’re looking for. 

    And although our bars are super tasty, it’s not because of anything we sneakily add in that’s secretly unhealthy. With our high-quality jerky, there are no nitrates or nitrites added, no MSG, no artificial preservatives, and our jerky is gluten-free. It’s also low in both fat and carbohydrates.

    We promise you that with all these awesome benefits, our distinct cooking and packaging process guarantees that every jerky bar retains their juicy and succulent flavor. Don’t believe us? Try some for yourself!

  • They’re The Perfect Gym Fuel
  • Golden Nest Jerky Bars were created to give you the energy and focus you need to perform while studying, working, and especially while exercising. And not only are they a great pre-workout snack, these Golden Nest Jerky Bars are definitely in the running to be the best post-workout food too! Their high nutritional value mean there are benefits to eating both before and after your workout. The best time to eat your jerky bar is pretty much always! And here’s why.

    After a long day of work, you’re tired, both physically and mentally. Even the most committed gym goers consider skipping out on their workout sometimes for this very reason. But when this mood hits, there’s no better way to reverse it than with a protein-packed Golden Nest Jerky Bar. With 14g of grams in every bar, it’s the fuel you need to not only get yourself to the gym, but to push hard throughout your entire workout. 

    As we said before, Golden Nest Jerky Bars are also a great post-workout snack. After exercising and testing the limits of your body, your muscles will definitely be hungry for some recovery. Protein is a great way to aid in the healing process and to give your body the food it needs to make the most out of your workout. Not to mention these bars will give you more than enough energy to go home, shower, and continue throughout your day (or night!) with tons of pep in your step. 

  • They’re Conveniently Portable 
  • There’s something you can’t leave out when it comes to picking a proper sports snack, and that’s convenience. Convenience is most likely the reason you often find yourself reaching for protein bars and sports drinks all the time. They’re small, they’re individually wrapped, and you can throw them into your gym bag on your way out the door. But it all comes with a price. Those are usually packed with sugar and sodium!

    As you know, Golden Nest Jerky Bars are made in the USA  from all-natural ingredients, are low in carbs, and are high in protein. And not only are they deliciously healthy for you, but they’re extremely portable, too. They fit right into a lunchbox, a purse, or a workout bag. 

    And they’re individually vacuum-sealed, which not only keeps the flavor in, but the freshness as well! With our hectic lives, on-the-go snacking has become the norm as we go from the office to the gym to home, but Golden Nest Jerky Bars were made with our modern lifestyles in mind. These trusty and versatile snacks will give you all the energy you need to fuel your workout and the rest of your day! And did we mention all 3 meats are available in both Honey Teriyaki and Honey Sriracha flavors? You’ll have plenty of variety to choose from.


    BONUS: They come bite-sized, too!

    We mentioned Golden Nest jerky Bites before. They’re a small but equally delicious version of the Golden Nest Jerky Bars. Sure, they aren’t as big, but with 12 grams of protein per ounce, they aren’t lightweights, either! 

    They come with all the perks of our jerky bars. They’re low in carbs, vacuum-sealed, and gluten-free amongst a long list of endless other benefits. And these healthy snacks are available in 3 different meats, which means they are more than ready to become a fun and tasty part of your diet. 

    Golden Nest Jerky Bars and Bites give you the protein and energy required to power through your workouts, replenish your muscles and maximize the benefits of regular exercise. Loved by athletes, bodybuilders, CrossFit, boxing, swimming, tennis, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and all other sports enthusiasts, you won’t be alone when you make the switch from protein bars and energy drinks to super tasty and extra nutritious Golden Nest jerky!

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